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Loksert® key-locking thread inserts are used to quickly repair stripped, damaged or worn threads with new stronger threads, or for use in original equipment. Lokserts are easy to install and remove. No special drills, taps or prewinder tools are required. Their solid, one-piece construction provides a high degree of pullout strength and the keys provide a positive mechanical lock against rotation.

Lokserts are available in Miniature, Thinwall, Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy Duty, and Solid styles, in either Type 303 stainless steel or C1215 carbon steel in both Unified and Metric thread forms. Internal locking inserts are also available, as are 4140 and A286 materials. Lokserts meet applicable MS/NAS standards.

Lokserts are installed into a threaded hole in which the minor diameter is slightly larger than the standard UN or Metric specification. This is achieved by using a standard tap in conjunction with a slightly larger tapping drill. The size of tapping drill required is available in the technical specifications PDF available for every insert and kit, and is also included on the product packaging.